Arg Me Leg Vol. II

 Now I have gone to the foot doctor and my boot is off!  However the can not seem to leave me alone and now I have a pesky ankle brace. It leaves painful indents on my foot it is so tight. However, I do prefer this over the boot because I can now participate in sports.. WOO HOO! I am asking my readers about your worst injury.


Arg Me Leg!

A few days ago I was at my at me gymnastics class and I went crooked on my tumbling pass and fractured my growth plate. Lucky enough the Author David Lubar was at our school and my X-Ray appointment was conveniently scheduled during his arrival… Thanks Mom. 🙁  Now I have a boot and it is very awkward to walk in.   On the bright side, I get to leave class five minutes early but I think I would rather just have my leg be normal. Now I can not participate in softball, gymnastics, or P.E. which makes me mad.  The worst part is I may have to have this boot on during Spring Break!  I wish I would have gotten to see David. I am about to walk off the plank with this thing!

A Fun Tag To Start

I am starting a fun tag on this blog because most of the tags I have been asked to do are interesting but kind of serious.  I am also starting a more serious tag on my other blog, Why Do We Do This (button on the side)  For this tag the theme is going to be…. Your Favorite Food Concoction! So what is your favorite concoction? The people listed at the end of this post are challenged to tell Web 2.0.

My Favorite Food Concoction

What~ Grapes and Whipped Cream

Why~ One day I was at my neighbors house and we usually have strawberries and whipped cream, but she did not have strawberries so we tried grapes and it was so good! It is a very sweet combination  and I love sweet things.

Now I Am Tagging






Tag Your It!

Recently I have been tagged for some post challenges on my other personal blog and I think tags are really cool! I want to know If my readers want to be tagged… because I sure do.  Recently I was tagged for a post challenged called Six Things That Make Me Happy, and I think it was a great idea. People need to just look for the simple things that really make them happy! I am going to start a new tag in a few days so tune in soon to see who is tagged!

Inventors Do The Unthinkable

Have you ever really thought about all of the things we have today?  Most of them come from clever inventors who think outside of the box.  They gave us the toilet, canned food, the sewing machine, and much much more.  Just think about without things like the sewing machine then you would probally not have all of the clothes in your closet ro choose from everyday.  Without the inverntion of canned food you might not have instant soup…..OH MY! They have given us almost everything we have today and they should be appriciated, and just think more inventions are yet to come!


Freinds Are Like Stars

Friends, they seem like the best thing in the world at times, and others the worst.   Friends are a support system because they understand what is going on at school, with friends, and other situations. Friends are like stars, you don’t always see them, but you know they are always there. That is my favorite quote because it is true especially for friends that have moved away. ;(   I have also recently discovered that you can have friends online from different countries if they just share some of the same interests with you. AHH FRIENDS! 🙂

International Connections

Something really amazing is happening to my classmates, bloggers all around Edublogs, and I.  Using Miss W’s blog challenge, we have created an amazing opportunity for us.  From doing something as simple as clicking on a link we are able to connect with a teacher from Australia or a student from Norway.  By looking at others blogs you can learn something new, meet a new E-Pal, or even make a difference in the world.  An International connection through blogging is a fun way to learn new things about our earth and customs.  if you would like to be a part of this International Loop Of Blogs, then go to the top of this blog, click on the green writing and click on Best Blogs, and then click on Miss W’s blog and you will be able to participate in this activity.